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 offers something for everyone. Distributors & developers can consume PromoStandards data easier than ever before.

Use the PromoStandards API

If you already consume PromoStandards data

Consume product data from a single point and instantly gain access to every suppier with the  PromoStandards API featuring:

  • Extremely fast response times
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Modern API's (SOAP, REST/JSON, GraphQL)

What's coming in 2021?

Use our Portal

If you don't already consume PromoStandards

Become 100% PromoStandards compliant. Wanna know the best part? No technical skills are required with the Portal.

  • Search for products, place orders, retrieve invoices, and more
  • Access the OneSource Marketplace to enable integrations to other platforms such as Shopify and QuickBooks
  • Create custom versions of supplier products with Virtual Products by 

Virtual Products

Customize supplier products in seconds!

Helping Distributors Do What They Do Best

Virtual Products from  will provide high level customizations for distributors who want more control of their product lines! Virtual Products give distributors the ability to do what they do best...sell product and to do so competitively.

The best part is that the original supplier product remains fully connected to guarantee orderability and up-to-date pricing.

Getting Started

Preview the API by registering today!

Step 1

Start by registering for a developer account to get access.
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Step 2

Next, verify your e-mail address and login to the OneSource portal.

Step 3

Lastly, view your API credentials and Getting Started documentation.


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