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Empower distributors with your easy-to-share & validated product data.

Upgrade to standardized and validated product data, with full PromoStandards support, and easily share it with distributors & service providers using our fast & reliable API.

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Easy data management

Deliver current and new product updates digitally, from a single location and watch the accuracy of order information you receive improve with OneSource's easy data management solution.


Validated product data

Promote confidence in your product data with OneSource's exclusive validation feature. Correct errors caught by our data validator quickly and feel good knowing distributors & service providers get accurate data from you the first time.

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OneSource connects the entire promo industry!

Suppliers, Distributors, and Service Providers can become PromoStandards compliant and share product data easier than ever before with added benefits like a one-time integration, version translation service, and more! 

Fast & reliable API

Share accurate product data at lightning-fast speeds using our API that can easily handle millions of requests, has a response time of less than 200ms, and includes data validation, specific to OneSource.

Version translation service

Supply data to distributors & service providers in the PromoStandards service version they need. Our version translation service will automatically render your existing service version into a different version so you can you expand your data reach.

Support efficient workflows

Upgrade to standardized data that can be shared digitally with distributors & service providers to support an error-free order experience from start to finish with OneSource. 

PromoStandards support

Save resources with OneSource's PromoStandards support. We'll help you get PromoStandards data endpoints ready for distributors & service providers so you don't have to hire any developers to do it for you.

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OneSource is the result of a vision that started more than two decades ago at DistributorCentral. It was built from the ground-up to make PromoStandards attainable for every company in the Promotional Products industry regardless of the company’s technical expertise or size. OneSource is a single and affordable solution for suppliers to offer PromoStandards data.

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